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 BlogTalkRadio is a service that allows you to broadcast an internet radio show/podcast using only your PC or mobile phone. It can broadcast your shows live, publish them to iTunes or social networks, and your show appears in Google Search. It is supposed to be both easy to use, so any user with any kind of experience (or no experience at all) can start his/her own internet show without much of a hassle. If listeners are listening to your show live, they can also call in and participate. The number of possible simultaneous listeners for the live show varies between 5 and unlimited, depending on which service you choose. The free package provides 5 simultaneous listeners, but when the live show is done, it is saved as an MP3 to BlogTalkRadio, and anyone can listen. Listeners can also subscribe through RSS and iTunes, just like with any podcast.

BlogTalkRadio: What makes it different?

 So, BlogTalkRadio is a service that allows you to broadcast your show over the internet. That's very nice, but it's not the only podcasting/internet radio service out there. So what makes BlogTalkRadio different from its concurrents? One of the features that makes BlogTalkRadio different is that it instantly publishes to any place you need your show to be. This is iTunes, social networks, your own blog or website, etc. Also, BlogTalkRadio is the only podcasting service to provide publishment to all of those networks even in their free package. Also, no software is required if you want to use BlogTalkRadio. The service is one of the most easy-to-use ones available, allowing you to sign up and get on air in just a couple of minutes. Also, BlogTalkRadio provides a Live Chat feature, which enables listeners to chat with the hosts during and after the live shows.

BlogTalkRadio vs. primary competitors (sites similar to BlogTalkRadio)

 As mentioned in the last section, BlogTalkRadio isn't the only internet radio/podcasting service available. In this section, we're going to compare it to some of the leading rivals. One of the leading concurrents to BlogTalkRadio is Ustream. Ustream also is an internet show service, but it differs to BlogTalkRadio in the fact that it only provides video shows, while BlogTalkRadio only provides audio shows. Both types of shows have their advantages and disadvantages, which means which one beats the other for you depends on your personal needs. Video shows allow you to show things to your audience visually, which can be an advantage if for example you're reviewing a product, while audio shows take less bandwith and can be listened to with an iPod or MP3 player, while for a video show, the audience needs to sit in front of a screen, which disables them to listen to your show when they are for example driving.

BlogTalkRadio: Pricing & packages

 BlogTalkRadio is free to use, but also has some paid packages. The service provides 4 package in total, a free package, providing basic broadcasting service using your phone and computer, 5 simultaneous guests/listeners to your show (You can get around this limit Skype conversations), Live chat with listeners, promotional tools, sharing on iTunes, social networks and blogs, and an archive for all of your shows. The next package, Premium, is the most popular one. Costing $39 per month, it provides 2 hours of show per day, up to 50 live callers, Prime Time scheduling, and uploading, editing and replacing episodes. The next package is called Plus, and costs $99 per month. This package provides you with 3 hours of live show per day, 100 live callers, a toll-free host number, and no audio/video ads. The last package is called Pro, and costs $249 per month. This package provides you with 3 hours of live show per day, up to 250 live callers, no banner ads (and the ability to feature your own), and the ability to stream live to any website.

BlogTalkRadio: Product images & screenshots
BlogTalkRadio Coupons
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BlogTalkRadio: Customer reviews & comments

 If you read/watch reviews of BlogTalkRadio, most of them are really positive. According to different customer reviews, BlogTalkRadio is one of the most easy-to-use internet broadcasting/podcasting service available. It's not the only service, but it definitely is one of the best ones when it comes to audio shows. One of the greatest advantages to BlogTalkRadio is its user friendliness, allowing anyone, old or young, with or without experience, with or without computer knowledge, to create their own internet show in under a few minutes. BlogTalkRadio also has an extensive support page, called the “Learning Center”, which provides Getting Started screencasts, an FAQ page, a forum where you can post your questions, and a blog, where all the latest news about BlogTalkRadio and its features is published. Next to user friendliness and a great support page, BlogTalkRadio also is the only service to provide publishment to social networks, blogs and iTunes for free.

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